Why Choose BANGcopy?

Here’s 5 reasons why this little copywriting business in Manchester is producing some of the best content cyberspace has to offer…

1. We get it

First of all, we know you work hard! That’s why we’re always grinding to make sure our work matches your efforts. 

 2. We’re grammar police

We understand that the first thing a customer will do on your website before clicking ‘BUY’ is look at what they can see and read. Some of those customers, much like us copywriters, could even be rather snobby about things like grammar. This is why whatever we’re writing is always double-checked. As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.”

3. We do our research

Did you know half of the UK’s working population has a reading age of 11 years old or younger? We know how to get to the heart of your business, identify the key messages and communicate them to your target audience. Whoever they are.

4. You’ve got tough competition

Every other successful business before you has used a copywriter. Take a look at any great business and you’ll see that their copy is always on point. That’s why we’re always pushing ourselves to be the best, and helping our clients to stand out in the crowd.

5. Your success is our success

The big bad world is fickle and it WILL judge your book by it’s cover. We understand that it doesn’t matter how good your product is, or whatever else it is your business offers if your shopfront doesn’t reflect the goods inside. That’s why we know our work has to be bang on. Your success is our success.





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