5 Examples of Great Copy

Great copy could be the difference between a customer moving on or clicking ‘BUY’. These writers clearly understand that, which is why they’re entertaining audiences across the world. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite copy!

1.) Everybody loves a pun

she's my everything

They know their target audience, and they also know that almost half of marriages in Switzerland end in divorce. SwissLife have nailed this one. The bold text grabs your attention, whilst the next sentence delivers a swift punchline. Boom.

2.) Cool copy


Here’s LG showing us just how effective the ‘power of three’ can be in that opening line. Remember the power of three? You may have learnt about it in school.

Just look at Apple’s site, it’s everywhere. Because it works.

3. Keep it casual


Best homepage ever? In just five words Steven Little is telling you what he’s selling, and doing with the kind of laid-back confidence that suggests he’s designed thousands of websites before.

Next thing you know, you’re thinking “yeah, I do want one!” Powerful and to the point.

4. Easy as 1, 2 …


It’s free for 30 days, and you’re already sat right in front of a quick and easy form. Also, with a well placed ‘call to action’ button Hubspot have also told their audience that it only takes two short steps to get what they want. It’s a win for everyone.

5. Marry me, Chrysler

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Here’s a great example of how even the most simple copy can be extremely effective when coupled with an image.

By showing the product in action alongside some witty copy, it’s taken just three seconds to tell the viewer that Chrysler is efficient, affordable and long lasting. Like a match made in heaven.