If Brands Were Honest…

What if brands were honest? What would their taglines and slogans look like if they revealed truths about their products and consumers?

Just for kicks, let’s find out with this alternative copy…

1. Apple

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.14.27 PM

They look slick, they’ve got a great user-friendly interface, and I’ve even got a couple of their gadgets myself. But JEEZE, Apple products have an issue with their batteries!

I still love you though, MacBook. Even if you do claim to be on 100% battery, when I know full well that you could be on anything from 0 to 50.

2. Sony

Sony Virtual Reality

Virtual reality. One step closer to Total Recall (y’know, the film).

3. The Sun Newspaper

the sun

Yes, I put this one at number three on purpose.

4. Instagram


Ah, Instagram. What would we do without your skin-softening filters?

5. Nike


Considering their status as one of the world’s most powerful brands, I’d say Nike have done a pretty good job of getting this message across already.

6. Original Source


You know what I’m talking about. That mint ‘flavoured’ Original Source shower gel? It doesn’t half get you up in the morning (sorry)!

Know the one? If not, read this (NSFW) Facebook post from Samantha Brant. It’s hilarious.

7. McDonald’s


To be fair, they do serve portions of apples and carrots.

8. Call of Duty

call of duty

This online game is full to the brim of teens hurling their best mother-related jokes at each other, and is almost single-handedly responsible for the colourful language youth use today.

On the downside, kids might swear more. On the plus side, their vocabularies have never been better.

9. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S7

Remember last year, when there was a huge ‘epidemic’ with the Galaxy Note S7? The batteries were catching fire, sometimes even exploding, and Samsung had to re-call ALL of their newly released, fresh out the box phones.

Not only that, but they then re-issued the S7 only to find that the same problems still existed. Just when you thought it was all over, a factory that made the phones was also reported to have caught fire. Talk about bang for your buck.


Waitrose Gourmet Burger

Aaaaand that’s a wrap. Well, no, that’s a burger but this post has come to an end.

Until next time.



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