What The Hell Is SEO?

If you've not been living under a rock for the last 5 or so years, the chances are you've heard of SEO. But do you know what it is? If you've been asking yourself "what the hell is SEO, and why does everyone think it's so important?" then hold tight. We'll be going through some … Continue reading What The Hell Is SEO?


Top Tips For The Self-Employed

Let's get straight to the point. If you're not already implementing some of these tips, then you need to up your game! If you're a freelancer, self-employed or a  start-up business, give this quick guide a read and you could be finding yourself more work in no time. Let's get started... 1. The Web First … Continue reading Top Tips For The Self-Employed

5 Examples of Great Copy

Great copy could be the difference between a customer moving on or clicking 'BUY'. These writers clearly understand that, which is why they're entertaining audiences across the world. Let's take a look at some of our favourite copy! 1.) Everybody loves a pun They know their target audience, and they also know that almost half of marriages … Continue reading 5 Examples of Great Copy

Why Every Business Needs A Copywriter

Well, for one, every other successful business before you has used a copywriter. Take a look at any great brand and you'll see that their copy is always on point. Here's an example to put things in perspective. Let’s say you’ve got to make a speech in front a huge audience, and let’s also assume that … Continue reading Why Every Business Needs A Copywriter