One Minute Briefs is a social media campaign and community that challenges creatives to produce mock ads for randomly generated products and businesses.

The aim of the game is to use the random word posted on social media by moderators and then advertise a product. One rule. One minute. It’s a great way to generate ideas, keep the mind fresh, and have a bit of fun.

Here are some of my entries, plus a few briefs I assigned to myself. Like what you see? Get in touch!


Quick concept for #WinnieThePoohDay to advertise Holland and Barrett


@OneMinuteBrief challenge: advertise makeup / contouring. Here’s a couple mock ads for Cruelty Free International.


WWF Rhino Ad

@OneMinuteBrief challenge: advertise unicorns. Here’s my ad for WWF. 🏆


Patagonia Fleeced Ad

One Minute Brief to advertise fleeces – here’s my mock ad for Patagonia


Starbucks Latte Levy Ad

Mock ad for Starbucks, in response to #LatteLevy


Predators MMA Gym (EDIT)2

Mock ad – in line with branding – for Predators MMA Gym, Manchester. 


One Minute Brief challenge: advertise dumbbells NIGHTLIGHT AD

Mock ad for to advertise nightlights



Mock ad for Lottie London to advertise nail products

Santa Claws Boots Advert

Mock ad for Boots to advertise nail products



#ThankUNHS trending on twitter – created this quick viral idea for BBC Radio


Life's twists and turns gillette


Mika Hakkinnen F1 close shave 2

One Minute Brief x2 – mock ad for Gilette to advertise razors


Slept like a log Nytol Ad

Quick mock ad for Nytol. One Minute Briefs’ challenge was to advertise logs. 🏆


BMW Big Boy Toy Ad

One minute brief for BMW. Challenge: advertise fidget spinners


Mental Health America Sketchy Ad

One minute brief for Mental Health America










One minute brief for Johnson’s Baby. Challenge: Advertise talcum powder







Street mock ups for Sky Sports. Challenge: Advertise ‘Deadline Day’






Mock advertisement for Polycell, featuring Vinnie Jones. Product: Wallpaper.


Burger King Onion Rings Ad

One Minute Brief for Burger King. Product: onion rings


Co-op Banana Ad

A quick ad for Co-op. Product: bananas

Spork Ad 2

Mock ad for Go Outdoors. Product: Spoons


Sweet Potatoes Ad

Mock in-store product ad for for Waitrose


Whirlpool Feezer Ad

One Minute Brief for Whirlpool. Product: Freezer


Yves Saint Laurent - Throw Some Shade

A OneMinuteBrief for Yves Saint Laurent. Product: Eye Shadow