One Minute Briefs is a social media campaign and community that challenges creatives to produce mock ads for randomly generated products, and businesses.

The aim of the game is to use the random word posted on social media by moderators and then advertise a product. One rule. One minute. It’s a great way to generate ideas, keep the mind fresh, and have a bit of fun.

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Uber Silhouette 1Uber Silhouette 2

A campaign idea for Uber – ‘taxi silhouettes’ featuring landmarks from various cities (the ones you see here at Manchester and London)


The Economist Emoji 2

#WorldEmojiDay idea for The Economist Magazine


A mock response to #WorldEmojiDay for Grammarly

On the subject of Trump’s visit to the U.K., here’s a couple more ads I thought up for Irn Bru / Tinder

France Mbappe

France win the the World Cup, and ‘change’ their national motto…



Karma is a… Swede? England bow out of the World Cup, Ikea get revenge


Halfords Reg Plates TrumpHalfords Reg Plates Trump 2

Today’s challenge, advertise private reg plates – here’s my topical response (Trump visiting the U.K.)


Parcel Force Coming HomeUPS Coming Home

Two birds, one stone – mocks for UPS and Parcel Force using the strapline ‘It’s Coming Home’; seriously, it is.

Adidas - do it better

A mock for Adidas – a play on Nike’s world-famous ‘Just Do It’

McLovin Fake I.D.

Make it official – mock ad warning against use of fake I.D.

Apple Homepod

Another movie quote – this time it’s a mock for Apple and a cheeky swipe at Amazon


Playstation VR the world is yours

Sat thinking of ads inspired by song lyrics and movie quotes – here’s a mock for Playstation VR (thanks to Nas for the inspo)



Poster to advertise One Minute Briefs Live 5 – at Twenty Twenty Two, Manchester

extension window

 A response to UK Agency Awards’ deadline extension

UK Agency Awards ExtensionA mock to advertise / announce a deadline extension for entry into the U.K. Agency Awards 2018


Last minute heatwave

Heatwave in the UK – here’s a topical mock Last Minute


Cancer Research Heatwave

Seasonal mock for Cancer Research UK

Sriracha heatwave

A mock ad for Huy Fong’s Sriracha sauce, in response to the UK’s recent heatwave

Playing around with the copy on these mock ads, encouraging viewers to give blood – pretty chuffed with the subtle hourglass shape I’ve made here.


First ideas for a mock #GiveBlood campaign


Lush That's Good 2Lush That's Good 1

Mock ads for Lush Cosmetics


Lush Mhmm 2

Lush Mhmm

Two more mocks for Lush Cosmetics


Polo OoohPolo Yum

Fair play, it seems to work, but I’ve always found 90% of aftershave ads to be… well, same-y

So, here’s a mock for Polo, sans the usual hot model and marketing direction that tells us nothing about the product. 


Mastercard Visa Joke

Mock reaction to Visa crashing 01/09/18 – feat. MasterCard


no chill netflix

The aim here was to promote “Netflix and Chill” without coming across as sexist. This was my attempt at ‘girls like sex too, y’know’ – I hope this is seen in the positive light I intended it to be. 


refill neon bottles

Mock ad for Refill app – check them out!



Mock ad for Refill, an app encouraging the public to ditch plastic bottles

NHS70 Banksy

A play on Banksy’s famous ‘balloon girl’, in response to #NHS70. Happy birthday, NHS!


A mock campaign in response to #MentalHealthAwareness Week


Drafted ideas for Vitamin T, a digital focussed talent agency


Bruce Kinsale Awards 2

1/2 – posters to advertise the ‘Shark Awards’, Kinsale International Creative Festival

Head To Head 2 Kinsale Awards

2/2 – and another for Shark Awards

Kensingturd gardens

Mock campaign promoting environmental awareness in London’s parks


Meanwhile, in Asda / Sainsbury’s head office – response to merger


Response to St. George’s Day – mock for the EFL


Wenger departing london Emirates 2

Mock ad for Fly Emirates in response to Wenger news



Reaction to the news of Arsène Wenger leaving Arsenal.



Today’s challenge: advertise tea-lights. Here’s my mock for Ikea


Mcdonalds banana Milkshake ad

Challenge of the day: advertise bananas



A still from a short mock animation for Nike Air



A response to the recently imposed #SugarTax

That knife suits you

An ad in response to #KnifeCrime trending on Twitter. 


Tinder Single?


A mock campaign for Tinder


Santa's Little Helper Dogs Trust

Mock for Dogs’ Trust in response to #WorldPuppyDay, featuring Santa’s Little Helper

Water Aid Ad 2

Mock ad response to #WorldWaterDay

Nestle Water

Another response to #WorldWaterDay. I may, or may not, have ‘adjusted’ Nestlé’s logo a little, and added a some copy as food for thought


World Sleep Day Digital 2

Quick concept for @OneMinuteBriefs and




Print ad concept for Umbro


Photoshop – practice makes perfect. Adding objects that shouldn’t be there… and making them look like they should be there.

Guirilla marketing idea for Star Wars. Famous / recognisable scenes from a city near you, with added AT-AT Walker. 


Anti Fog Mirror BeforeAnti Fog Mirros

Before and after mock for

St. Pancake Tube Logo

Quick idea in response to Pancake Day 2018


You Little Tosser Better CrockerFlip Me Over Pancake Day

Risqué viral ad concept for Pancake Day, feat. Betty Crocker






Word of the day: Seatbelts. Here’s my Magazine spread concept


Lovehoney cucumber

Challenge: advertise cucumbers. Here’s a cheeky mock viral ad for Lovehoney.


Go Skateboarding Day Note 3

Challenge: advertise skateboards. Here’s one for local Manchester store Note.






Quick concept for #WinnieThePoohDay to advertise Holland and Barrett






@OneMinuteBrief challenge: advertise makeup / contouring. Here’s a couple mock ads for Cruelty Free International.


WWF Rhino Ad

@OneMinuteBrief challenge: advertise unicorns. Here’s my ad for WWF. 🏆


Patagonia Fleeced Ad

One Minute Brief to advertise fleeces – here’s my mock ad for Patagonia


Starbucks Latte Levy Ad

Mock ad for Starbucks, in response to #LatteLevy


Predators MMA Gym (EDIT)2

Mock ad – in line with branding – for Predators MMA Gym, Manchester. 


One Minute Brief challenge: advertise dumbbells NIGHTLIGHT AD

Mock ad for to advertise nightlights



Mock ad for Lottie London to advertise nail products

Santa Claws Boots Advert

Mock ad for Boots to advertise nail products



#ThankUNHS trending on twitter – created this quick viral idea for BBC Radio


Life's twists and turns gillette


Mika Hakkinnen F1 close shave 2

One Minute Brief x2 – mock ad for Gilette to advertise razors


Slept like a log Nytol Ad

Quick mock ad for Nytol. One Minute Briefs’ challenge was to advertise logs. 🏆


BMW Big Boy Toy Ad

One minute brief for BMW. Challenge: advertise fidget spinners


Mental Health America Sketchy Ad

One minute brief for Mental Health America




One minute brief for Johnson’s Baby. Challenge: Advertise talcum powder




Street mock ups for Sky Sports. Challenge: Advertise ‘Deadline Day’




Mock advertisement for Polycell, featuring Vinnie Jones. Product: Wallpaper.


Burger King Onion Rings Ad

One Minute Brief for Burger King. Product: onion rings


Co-op Banana Ad

A quick ad for Co-op. Product: bananas

Spork Ad 2

Mock ad for Go Outdoors. Product: Spoons


Sweet Potatoes Ad

Mock in-store product ad for for Waitrose


Whirlpool Feezer Ad

One Minute Brief for Whirlpool. Product: Freezer


Yves Saint Laurent - Throw Some Shade

A OneMinuteBrief for Yves Saint Laurent. Product: Eye Shadow