BEATSANDTHAT – Artists of the Week 15

More great music coming up as we reach AOTW 15. Some old, some new, some chilled and some fire.

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1.)  Bakradze

This new track from Bakradze is fresh off the press and sounding beautiful. Strangely enough, I was actually trying to describe someone to a friend the day before I found this (spooky) – it’s difficult, right? Some things have to be felt or experienced in order to be truly understood and I think that’s why music is often so incredible, as it can speak for us when words fail to adequately portray something, or someone.

Ironically, trying to describe this song, when words don’t really do it justice, was also a little difficult. It’s uplifting and a little euphoric that’s for sure, thanks to some subtle wisps of white noise, dainty pads and delicate vocal snippets. As a house track with plenty of percussion, the track also has enough energy about it to keep your head bobbing and your feet moving, which makes it an ideal track to drop in a set/playlist for a little breather; whilst still keeping momentum or the same tempo.

A song you can really get lost in:

I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone – Bakradze



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