BEATSANDTHAT – Artists of the Week 16

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1.)  Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter and producer from Australia. He started his career playing keys in bands around Brisbane and New Zealand before self-releasing his debut EP, Franklin’s Room, in 2013.

Since then, Rakei has released more material and gone on to collaborate with artists such as Disclosure, FKJ and Tom Misch, pre-dominantly as a guest vocalist, before his debut album drop early this June.

‘Cloak’ is a wonderful body of work oozing with maturity and artistry, so much so that you’d think this was the Aussie’s 4th or 5th release. From the moment you hear the first couple of notes, Jordan’s unique blend of R&B and jazz begins to seduce you as you’re lead deeper into an album filled to the brim with soul.

Watch Jordan and his band perform the closing track from the album below:

Jordan Rakei – Tawo (Live at Art Lab)



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