BEATSANDTHAT – Artists of the Week 17

Alright, it’s number 17. This one features some hip-hop, Cuban music and girls who’ve never heard of garage. Let’s get stuck in.

1.)  Vanilla

So, there I was, digging deep into the world of instrumental hip-hop as I skimmed through the suggested tracks YouTube threw at me; following link after link. After a handful of clicks I came across Vanilla’s latest beat-tape, ‘Origin’, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Listening to the album felt like sinking in to a bean-bag full of good memories, and as each track passes you become a little more relaxed. The opening track on the tape, ‘Dreamcatcher’, was breath-taking. As for the rest, well, you can decide for yourself.

You can name your price for Vanilla’s album here:

Vanilla – Origin



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