Five Foot Pony – Web Copy

The Client:

Five Foot Pony is a full-service web design and branding studio based in Manchester. Whether you’re looking for a new logo, custom emails or a brand new website they’ve got the knack and the know-how to get it done.

What BANGcopy did:

Five Foot Pony had just finished whipping up a brand new site, and they need some fancy words to go with it. We typed up everything from tag-lines to service descriptions.

The aim of the game was to translate Five Foot Pony’s style, passion and brand ethos into words that truly reflected their aesthetic. We kept the copy cool, down to earth and a little cocky for this one.

Here’s some snaps of the finished product:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit to see the full scope of our work.

What Five Foot Pony said:

“A pleasure to work with. Now Five Foot Pony looks sexy AND talks smart!”




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